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    REAL STORY: A Cork Radio Station in Ireland, 96 FM, was running a competition to find contestants who could come up with words that were not found in any English Dictionary, yet could still be used in a sentence that would make logical sense. The prize was a trip to Bali for a week.
    The DJ, Neil, had many callers; the following two, needless to say, stood out:
    DJ: 96FM, what's your name?
    Caller: Hi, me name's Dave.
    DJ: Dave, what is your word?
    Caller: Goan: spelled G-O-A-N, pronounced 'go-an.'
    DJ: We are just checking that (pause) and you are correct, Dave, 'goan' is certainly a word not found in the English Dictionary. Now, for a trip for two to Bali, can you make a sentence using that word and at the same time making logical sense?
    Caller: "Goan fuck yourself!"
    At this point, the DJ cut the caller short and announced that there was no place for that sort of language on a family show.
    After many more unsuccessful calls, the DJ took the more...


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    One day when Bill was out for lunch with his friend Jeff, they got into a conversation. Bill said: " I feel really bad about what I did this morning.". "Why?" - asked Jeff. "Well,"- replied Bill - "This morning I went to ask my secretary for to tickets to Pitsburg, but it came out as 'I need two pickets to Titsburg.' and I feel really bad.". "Oh don't feel bad about that." - said Jeff "Last night I took my wife and kids out for dinner... ". "Whats so bad about that?" - asked Bill. "Well... I mean't to ask my wife to pass the salt, but it came out as 'U REWIND MY LIFE YOU STUPID BITCH!'


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    Teacher: Jeff, have you been copying Johnny's test again?
    Jeff: Yes, but how did you know?
    Teacher: On question #1, Johnny put down "I don't know". And you put down "Me neither".

    "If you work out side with your shirt off and so does your husband, You might be a Redneck" Jeff Foxworthy.

    You've tried to quote Jeff Foxworthy and screwed it up.
    You name your car the General Lee.
    You see a sign that says "bridge out" and you try to jump it.

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