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    A man went to a psychiatrist to seek some help for depression. As he entered the reception room he noticed two doors marked "Men" and "Women". He went through the door marked "Men.

    He then encountered two other doors marked "Extrovert" and "Introvert". He decided that he was an introvert and opened that door. He found himself in a room with two more doors marked "Those Making $40,000 and Over" and "Those Making Less than $40,000."

    He knew that he made less than $40,000, so he opened that door. He found himself outside the building.

    If you can sell yourself, you can sell anything" said the celebrated Shah Rukh Khan, in one of his countless interviews. "So true!" said I, "and that’s what I can’t do!" thank God I’ll never be in a marketing job.
    But the opportunity presented itself, and I, decided to take the challenge. In February 2007, I took up my new job as a one person department of Corporate Relations (my papers said Asst Mgr Corp Rel), and took my first posting in a developing (with a bolding), prosperous but disorganized, second tire town in north Karnataka.
    And this is what I discovered.
    Sure, some people have the gift of the gab. And sure, it helps in striking first contacts. Also, a social person with extrovert attitude will enjoy marketing, as his job is to do what he loves most.
    However, marketing is not the job of the smart or the charming; it is the job of the purposeful.
    Introverted attitude is that in which the energy flow is inward, and the more...

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