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    This guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. The bartender looks at the guy and says" Have you seen Ilene?" The guy is rather confused and asked " Ilene who?" The bartender relies " I lean over and you kiss my ass." Well the man was offended by this and walks out the door and into the bar across the street. So he sits down and orders a beer. While he is drinking his beer he tells the bartender what the other bartender said to him. The bartender then told him," You know what you should do, you should go back over there and ask him if he has seen Ben and when he says Ben who you say I bend over and you kiss my ass." So the guy goes back across the street and asks the Bartender if he has seen Ben. And the Bartender said " Yep, He just went out the door with Ilene." The guy asks" Ilene who?. .....

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