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    1.(Of course) Laugh hysterically and for no reason.
    2. Pretend you holding something like a small knife and swing at the air as if you are trying to cut something. If someone asks, say you were misinterpreted or deny the whole thing.
    3. Wear headphones everywhere you go, leaving the plug dangling out, easily seen, and then stationary knod, as if to a beat. Pretend not to hear anyone unless they touch you to get you attention. Periodically forget to take off headphones when you are touched and act confused when you cannot hear them.
    4. Sit in front of a library computer and twitch your eyelid for 20 seconds, the get up and browse the fiction E section. Repeat.
    5. Sit in front of a public computer on Windows 95, 98, or 2000. Click the start button. Click it again... and again. After clicking it for about 10 minutes, declare that you need another computer because your start button is broken. When someone proves it is not broken, say "Black magic! You all use black more...


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    a blonde walks into a barber shop and says to the lady i want my hair cut please. O.K. sure. The lady starts to cut her hair and then says miss you must take off those headphones so i can cut your hair. The blonde goes just work around them please! So the lady says well i guess does about ten minutes and needs the headphones to be taken off so the blonde stuggles and finally takes them off and drops on the floor and dies. The hairdresser picks up the headphones and listened in and heard... breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breath out.

    A blonde walks into a hair dresser with a walkman on. She tells the guy to cut whatever he wants just as long as he cuts around the headphones. So the guy says cool until he runs into a problem, he says "Ms.?" "Ms.?" Finally he just takes them off and the blonde drops dead!!
    He puts the headphones on and he hears "BREATHE IN... BREATHE OUT... BREATHE IN... BREATHE OUT."

    a blonde walks into a hair salon, and has headphones on her head. the hair dresser tells her to take them off or else she couldnt cut her hair and the blonde said but i cant live without them. so then the lady takes them off of her head and the blonde dies. then she listens to what was in the headphones and it says breathe in breathe out.

    A blonde walks into the hairdresser with headphones on. She asks the woman working there for a haircut. The blonde sits down in the chair. The woman takes the blonde's headphones off and cuts her hair. At the end, the woman asks how she likes her hair but, to her surprise the blonde is dead! The woman picks up the headphones and listens.She hears: "Breathe in...breathe out...breathe in...breathe out."

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