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    Boy: Hi I think I like you, do you have a boy friend?.
    Girl: Well I don't have any boyfriend actualy
    I'm looking for one
    Boy: Cool so I can be your partner trust me we will
    have good time.
    Girl: O. K but some conditions, Do you have a Car?
    Boy: No I don't have a Car but I will by one soon.
    Girl: O. K forget that how about handphone?
    Boy: No I don't even have that to,
    I just applied with Bell mobility.
    Girl: Well I'm sorry You don't have a car
    not even a handphone, How could You asked me
    without these. You better get them first then
    come back if I'm available then we will see.
    In case if you miss me you will get it for sure
    By the way Sport's car not a Ship 4 door.

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