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    Hallowe'en Costumes

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    One year at Hallowe'en the governor of Illinois was giving a costume party.
    All the gentry were there and as they arrived the doorman would announce
    what there characters were.
    When one couple arrived he announced "Mickey and Minnie Mouse."
    As the next couple arrived he announced "Tarzan and Jane."
    ...and so on as each guest arrived.
    Later in the evening a man arrived dressed only in a pair of underpants but
    apart from that totally naked from head to toe.
    "Who do you think you are?" demanded the doorman. Having ascertained that
    the man was indeed an invited guest from the local university CS department,
    the doorman asked, "How shall I announce you?"
    The man said, "I'm premature ejaculation."
    "I'm very sorry sir" said the doorman in obvious shock, "I cannot announce
    anything like that to such a gathering."
    "O.K." said the professor. "Just say I more...

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