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Four men are sitting in a bar having drinks. One of the men goes to the bathroom. Then the three remaining men start to chat about their sons. The first man says:
"My son is so great! He just got an honorable discharge from the army, and one of his friends gave him a million in stocks!"
The second guy waves this off and says:
"My son is even better. He just got to the CEO chair of a great company, and one of his friends gave him a new car!"
The third guy waves both of them off and says:
"My son is best of all! He just got into the House, got a 10 dollar an hour raise, and one of his friends just gave him a new house!"
They start to argue, then the fourth guy comes back. They ask him about his son, and he says:
"My son stinks! He started out as a hairdresser, is still a hairdresser after fifteen years, and he's gay! He must be pretty attractive though, cause he just gave his THREE boyfriends a million in stocks, a new car, more...

One day a blonde went to get a haircut. The hairdresser asked what hairstyle she wanted. The blonde did not answer because she was wearing headphones. The hairdresser asked again but still she did not answer. The hairdresser was getting impatient so she took of the headphones and the blonde collapsed on the floor. The hairdresser was interested to know what the blonde was listening to so she put the headphones to her ear and she heard... Breath, Breath, Breath"

The blonds haircut

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one day a blone whent in to a hairdressers wearing headphones, she told the hairdresser to cut her hair. He said
"sure, can i take off your headphones?" She said
"NO NO NO just cut around them. so she had her hair cut.
The next month she whent into the Hairdressers wearing headphones and asked the hairdresser to cut her hair. He said
"sure but can i take off your headphones?" she again said
"NO NO NO just cut around them. So she had her hair cut.
The next month she whent into the hairdressers wearing headphones and asked the hairdresser to cut her hair. Unfortunatelly for her the hairdresser was new and forgot to ask if he was allowed to take off her headphones. So he took them off and she dropped dead on the floor. He picked up the headphones and put them to his own ears and listened. They were saying
"breathe in, breathe out, breathe in, breathe out."

A blonde walks into the hairdresser with headphones on. She asks the woman working there for a haircut. The blonde sits down in the chair. The woman takes the blonde's headphones off and cuts her hair. At the end, the woman asks how she likes her hair but, to her surprise the blonde is dead! The woman picks up the headphones and listens. She hears:? Breathe in... breathe out... breathe in... breathe out."

A blonde went to go get her haircut wearing pair of headphones. The hairdresser tried to get her to take them off, but the blonde protested.
"You can't take those away from me -- I'll die without them!"
The hairdresser sighed, and tried to explain how difficult it would be to cut her hair with them on, but the blonde wouldn't budge. So she began cutting the hair around the headphones. Soon, the blonde feel asleep, and the hairdresser figured she could remove the headphones for a few minutes. But shortly thereafter, the blonde collapsed, dead on the floor. The hairdresser, confused, picked up the headphones, which were repeating "Breathe In, Breathe Out."

A blonde is roller-skating down the board-walk one day. She’s just skating along in her lycra shorts, smiling at everyone, listening to her Walkman. She decides that she really needs a haircut. She skates into the first salon she sees and goes up to the hairdresser and says, “I need a haircut. ” The hairdresser checks her out and says, “OK, sit down and take off your headphones. ” “No way! ” shouts the blonde, “If I take off my headphones, I’ll die! ” “Then I can’t give you a haircut, ” replies the hairdresser. So the blonde gets up and leaves and skates further down the board-walk. She sees another salon, goes in, and says to the hairdresser, “I need a haircut… but you can’t take off my headphones or I’ll die! ” The hairdresser looks at her a little weird, but says, “OK, no problem. Have a seat. ” So the blonde sits down and the hairdresser comes up behind her, and when she isn’t looking, he rips the headphones off her head. Suddenly the more...

A GENT with a sparse growth of hair on his head went to a hairdressing saloon for a haircut. When the hairdresser informed him that the charge would be two rupees higher than the usual rate, he demanded to know why. The hairdresser explained that the extra charge was for searching for the hair to be cut!