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    Everyone is talking about things like hybrid cars and solar panels as ways to save energy and stem the tide of gloabal warming, but these methods are expensive and inconvenient. That's why DailyComedy is offering ways to help the environment that, although almost completely ineffective, aren't overly burdensome.
    So here they are, in no particular order: The five least effective ways to combat global warming:

    5. Lose the electric toothbrush. The jury is still out on whether electric toothbrushes are better at removing plaque than the old-fashioned kind. So why not save precious electricity and get a light workout at the same time?
    4. Try parking in the driveway now and then instead of driving all the way into the garage. When the weather is mild, you can use this technique to save (literally) pennies worth of gas.
    3. The less a car weighs, the less power it requires and the more fuel-efficient it is. But even if you drive an SUV, you can still lighten the load by more...

    The new documentary about global warming is called "An Inconvenient Truth." That was actually gonna be the title of my new documentary about how white chicks these days are really into black guys.

    There have been several reports of bizarre animal behavior lately. Scientific speculation says it could be the Animal Kingdom’s reaction to Global Warming. The animals refer to it however, as a behavior modification technique they are practicing on humans called,
    “Mirroring the Source of Contention.”

    Hideous future world of gloom will be quite comfortable

    North Carolina state Senator Charles W. Albertson pushed for a climate-change panel despite the fact he is "not completely convinced" that human activity is behind Global Warming.
    Later he reluctantly expressed support for NASA even though he still can't comprehend how the space shuttles can orbit a flat planet.

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