Gay Marriage Jokes / Recent Jokes

When asked about Bush's real feelings on gay marriage, a friend who requested anonymity told Newsweek magazine, "I don't think he gives a shit." The friend then bit his trembling lip and burst into tears.

In a recent decision, the New York Court of Appeals has ruled that the State Constitution does not compel the recognition of gay marriages. I'm sure this will be particularly disappointing to all the marriage-minded men hanging out at "The Cock" or "The Toolbox" here in New York City.

The New York State Supreme Court may rule this week on legalizing gay marriage--my opposition to gay marriage is rooted in my deep hatred of buying wedding gifts. In fact, I support a straight marriage ban. One more duvet cover and I'm broke.

Gay marriage and equality are under fire this weekend in Massachusetts. Presidential hopeful and former Governor Mitt Romney is holding a rally to force a public vote. So we'll have 40% of the population decide how 10% of the people should live. I created this button to help remind my male friends how they feel about homosexuality.

Jeff Gordon got married in a private ceremony in Mexico, mainly because gay marriage is illegal in the United States.