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    Non-believers in the military are getting organized. "There are atheists in foxholes," proclaimed Sgt. Kathleen Johnson, founder of the Military Association of Atheists. "In fact, there are only atheists in foxholes. That's where they keep us."

    A group of soldiers began digging foxholes for pending war games. Two privates working side by side dug their holes to standard depth.
    A third man, a corporal, dug his foxhole so deep that only his shovel tip was visible as he ejected the dirt. Curiosity got the best of the two privates. When their sergeant passed by, one spoke up. "Um, sergeant, sir, can you tell us what's with the corporal? He seems to have gotten carried away."
    "Oh, he'll be okay in a few minutes," the sergeant said. "He suffers from corporal tunnel syndrome."

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