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    Conveyance in heaven

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    Three guys die and go to heaven.
    The first guy goes up to St. Peter, who says, "In all the years you were married, were you ever unfaithful to your wife?"
    The guy thinks a moment then says, "No. No. I was always faithful to her through 55 years of marriage."
    St. Peter scratches something down in a big book, then he says to the guy, "OK, mister, you can have that Rolls Royce over there to drive around here."
    Now second guy goes up to St. Peter. He asks him, "In all the years you were married, were you ever unfaithful to your wife?"
    This second guy takes a moment. He hems and haws a few minutes, then he says, "Well, I did flirt a little, and there was that one night with Julia. But other than that I tried to remain faithful to my wife through 40 years of marriage. I guess I just wasn't perfect, huh?"
    St. Peter scratches something in his book and says, "Don't worry about it. You can have that motorbike over more...

    You stop to flirt with the person running the drive through at McDonalds.
    You save old kitchen appliances for target practice.
    You save old kitchen appliances for children's Christmas presents.

    What type of Asian are you?
    Girls, take this test to find out
    Guys, or scroll down. GIRLS 1. On a typical Friday night, you're most likely to be seen at: A) pool hall
    B) the mall
    C) at home, getting an early start on homework
    D) cafe shop
    E) your friend's house, having a sleepover 2. Your normal everyday wear is: A) tight shirts, spaghetti straps, baggy jeans, and extra dark lipstick
    B) lots and lots of makeup - to impress the guys of course
    C) thick glasses, long sun dresses, penny loafers, or sandals
    D) high pumps, expensive designer clothes and tons of jewelry
    E) college or Mickey Mouse sweatshirts with blue jeans 3. You usually give out your number when: A) almost never, guys get scared off by your mean looks
    B) any foine guy happens to ask for it
    C) never - you're not supposed to talk to guys
    D) there's money floating around him
    E) any white guy asks for it 4. When you go to the mall, you: A) give menacing more...

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