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    Favre Throws 6 TDs

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    Brett Favre threw six touchdowns as the Jets rolled over the Cardinals 56-35. New York got off to such a huge lead that even the Mets bullpen could have held it. The Mets are currently selling their Shea Stadium dugout for $100,000. They're also selling their bullpen for 87 cents.

    One day Steve Young died and went to Heaven. When he got there, God showed him to his new mansion, which had 49er stuff hanging everywhere. Then Steve looked out his new window and saw an even bigger mansion on the top of the hill. That mansion had Packer stuff hanging all over it, so Steve assumed it must belong to Brett Favre. So Steve asked God, "Why is Brett Favre's house bigger than mine is?"
    "That's not Brett Favre's house," God answered, "It's Mine."

    Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre added another record to his resume this week. The future Hall of Famer was said to be contemplating retirement for the 745th time, eclipsing the old mark held by pop diva Cher.

    Officials from both sides downplayed rumors of a pending trade between the Packers and Caesar's Palace insisting that while Cher could throw into triple coverage, lingering injuries would prevent Favre from performing 43 costume changes a night.

    Packer GM Ted Thompson was continuing to analyze the economics of the deal since the Packers would still have an aging star at QB but part of the salary could be offset by money saved on halftime entertainment.

    The political world was thrown into a frenzy today when Brett Favre announced that he's not only considering retiring from football but also considering running for President in 2008.

    With his dramatic announcement, Favre becomes the only political candidate to be considering two plans for the future at the same time.

    "This is just the kind of multi-tasking Americans expect from their next President," gushed political commentator James Carville on ABC's Meet the Press.

    Favre emphasized that he wanted to make a decision in time for Democrats to draft another candidate in the event he decided not to run. "Which means y'all will know my plans sometime around late September in 2008," said Favre.

    The Green Bay quarterback defended his decision to consider his decision to retire noting that he felt he still could perform at the professional level despite his advanced age and deteriorating skills and added, "Just like John more...

    A Wisconsin boy who wore a Brett Favre jersey everyday for four straight years has finally taken it off. Too bad – just three years shy of John Madden's record. When asked what he plans to do now, the boy said he might consider having a friend.

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