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    Eskimo Riddle

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    What do you call a Lesbian Eskimo?

    A Klondike

    Eskimo Pigs

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    Q)Where do eskimo pigs live?
    A)In a pigloo.

    Car Problems

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    An Eskimo was having problems with his car so he took it to a mechanic to have it checked out.
    After examining the engine, the mechanic reported the problem. "Looks like you blew a seal," he told the Eskimo.
    "No, that's just frost on my mustache," the Eskimo replied.

    an eskimo was riding his snowmobie when it qiut running he took it to the local mechanic and had him look at it the mechanic told the eskimo to give him about 3-4 hours and he would have it diagnosed so the eskimo went into town to do some shopping when he returned to the mechanic shop he saw his snow mobile in pieces the mechanic turned and looked at the eskimo and said looks like you have blown a seal the eskimo replies no that is just frost on my mustache

    Read in a Turkish newspaper:
    A tourist goes to the pole, and meets an Eskimo.
    "During the summer you don't have any nights, and during the winter
    you don't have any days... What do you do during that endless summer
    day?" he asks.
    "We go fishing, and make love to our women," the Eskimo replies.
    The tourist thinks a while, and asks another question:
    "Then, what do you do during that endless winter night?"
    Eskimo grins:
    "We don't go fishing..."

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