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    Scientists have discovered that elephants can recognize themselves in the mirror. Not only that, but African elephants think they look better in sweats than they actually do.

    A double whammy:Why do elephants paint thier testicles red? So they can hide in cherry trees.What's the loudest noise in the jungle? A Monkey eating cherries.

    Every nation has to write a book about the Elephant:
    The French book - The Sex Life of the Elephant or: 1000 ways to cook Elephant.
    The English book - Elephants I have shot on Safari.
    The Welsh book - The Elephant and its influence on Welsh language and culture or: Oes ysgol tocynnau eleffant llanfairpwll nhadau coeden.
    The American book - How to Make Bigger And Better Elephants.
    The Japanese book - How to Make Smaller And Cheaper Elephants.
    The Greek book - How to Sell Elephants for a Lot of Money.
    The Finnish book - What Do Elephants Think about Finnish People.
    The German book - A Short Introduction to Elephants, Vol 1-
    The Icelandic book - Defrosting an Elephant.
    The Swiss book - Switzerland: The Country Through Which Hannibal Went With His Elephants.
    The Canadian book - Elephants: A Federal or State Issue?
    The Swedish book - How to reduce your taxes with an elephant.

    Packing Elephants

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    How do you put six elephants in a Volkswagen?...Three in front and three in back...

    It was a boring Sunday afternoon in the jungle so the Elephants decided to challenge the Ants to a game of soccer.
    The game was going well with the Elephants beating the Ants ten goals to nil, when the Ants gained possession. The Ants' star player was dribbling the ball towards the Elephants' goal when the Elephants' left back came lumbering towards him. The elephant trod on the little ant, killing him instantly. The referee stopped the game.
    "What the hell do you think you're doing?
    Do you call that sportsmanship, killing another player?"
    The elephant replied, "Well, I didn't mean to kill him - I was just trying to trip him up."

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