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    Dwarf Nuns

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    The Pope goes to visit the Famous Seven Dwarfs, He is finishing his treatise on comparative religions, and Dopey raises his hand to ask a question.
    "Mr. Pope, are there any dwarf nuns in Rome?"
    "No, Dopey," responds the Pontiff, "there are not."
    "Mr. Pope, are there any dwarf nuns anywhere in Italy?" Dopey asked.
    "No, Dopey," chuckles the Pope, "there are no dwarf nuns in Italy."
    "Mr. Pope," Dopey asked pleadingly, "are there any dwarf nuns anywhere in the world?"
    "No, Dopey," the Pope says sadly, "there are no dwarf nuns anywhere in the world."
    Then, softly...in the background, the six remaining dwarfs start chanting...
    "Dopey screwed a penguin. Dopey screwed a penguin..."

    Two dwarfs

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    Two dwarfs decide to treat themselves to a vacation in Vegas.
    At the hotel bar, they're dazzled by two women, and wind up taking them to their separate rooms. The first dwarf is disappointed, however, as he's unable to reach a certain physical state that would enable him to join with his "date." His depression is enhanced by the fact that from the next room he hears cries of "ONE, TWO, THREE... HUH!" all night long. In the morning, the second dwarf asks the first, "how did it go?" The first whispered back, "it was so embarrassing. I simply couldn't get an erection." The second dwarf shook his head. "You think that's embarrassing?" he asked. "I couldn't even get on the bed!"

    angry dwarf

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    a man is driving through an intersection when the side of his car was hit by a truck. as the man is getting out to examine the damage on his car, a dwarf gets out of the truck, looks at the damage on his truck and exclaims IM NOT HAPPY!!! IM NOT HAPPY!!! the man then says then which one are you?

    Why does everyone think snow white is so innocent when she lives with seven dwarfs that say: "HI Ho" every time they see her!! lolz :D

    Fantasy fly in beer

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    An Elf, a Human and a Dwarf walk into the tavern and each orders a Beer. When the three Beers arrive a fly lands in each one.The Elf pushes the Beer away distainfully, wanting nothing to do with it.The Human flicks out the fly and finishes the Beer in one gulp.The Dwarf gingerly picks out the fly by its wings, gently holds it over his glass and screams "SPIT IT OUT YE BASTARD, SPIT IT OUT!!

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