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    In light of a recent Supreme Court ruling, the detainees at Guantanamo will be allowed to challenge their incarceration in American courts, which may lead to the release of many. The Bush administration says they won't go home empty-handed though. They'll take home a nice gift bag, including such items as:

    Several complimentary recurring nightmaresA free secret vasectomyMicroscopic "fun chip" implanted in armFree copy of Dr. Phil's book "Life Strategies" and newly released DVD "So You Just Got Out of Guantanamo--Now What?"Starbucks gift certificate

    I find myself addicted to Dr. Phil and was watching an episode called the Brat House. It was a bunch of under parented children and their nitwit parents. One kid slapped his mother and his mother did nothing. If that were my mama she would have said, “You think you’re so tough. Well you messed with the wrong woman on menopause.” And then she would have proceeded to go kung foo on my ass.

    This one girl brought her twin sister on Dr. Phil as an incentive to quit heroin. Is that just me or is that more of an incentive to use drugs.

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