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    A Blonde was driving to Disney World...she looked on a sign and it said Disney World Left so she turned around and went home.

    Your momma

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    Your momma is so dumb. That when she went to Disney world. She saw a sign that said "Disney World left". She turned around and went home

    Monsters, Inc. was a cute animated movie that is pretty funny, but definitely for kids. You should go see it if you have kids, are a kid, or like to pretend you're a kid late at night by wearing diapers. It's made by the Pixar people, who did Toy Story and A Bug's Life, and that pretty much tells you what to expect. Same technology, but a couple years later, so it's a little better, a little more lifelike. Movie gets a nice, solid 3 6/7 Babylons. You'll have a good time, but try not to see it in a theater filled with too many kids- they can be annoying. Especially when the one right behind you spends the last fifteen minutes kicking your chair telling its Mommy that it needs to go to the bathroom.

    OK, now let's talk about the Star Wars trailer.

    By now, you have seen it, or heard it, or had it described to you by a cyber-dork named C3PO4EVR on a host of fan sites. You know it's really short. You know there is no dialogue. You know that the only sound you get is more...

    10. You know how many hairs are on the leg of the drunken pirate sitting on the bridge.9. You have more Disney movies than Blockbuster.8. Your favorite song is "Zippity-Doo-Dah".7. When you hear people talking about "the underprivileged", you assume they are referring to those who have to stay off-site.6. You refer to Wal-Mart and McDonald's employees as "cast members".5. You've added spires and turrets to the roof of your house.4. You tried to pay your electric bill with Disney Dollars.3. Your children's names are Ariel and Alladin.2. You pray that nobody will ever discover your dirty little secret: That you sneak out of bed in the middle of the night, logon to the internet, and drool over online pictures of WDW.1. You're reading this.

    2 blondes were driving to Disney World when they see a sign on the highway that said:
    Disney World
    LeftThen they both said, "Oh well, I guess we'll have to go back home."

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