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    A man was having difficulty filling out an application for life insurance. The insurance salesman asked what the problem was and the man explained he couldn't answer the question pertaining to his father's cause of death.
    The salesman asked him why he was having difficulty with it. After some embarrassment, the client revealed that his father had been hanged.
    The salesman thought about if for a few moments and said, "Just write, 'Died while taking part in a public function when the platform suddenly gave way'."

    Goebel's Law Of Useless Difficulty: Just because it's hard, doesn't mean it's worth the effort.

    The difficulty with a research grant is that if you solve the problem, you're out of a job.

    The General was ordered by the Secretary of Defense to gather his officers from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, and Air Force and try and figure out why there's so much difficulty in communicating with each other.The General gathers his Captains (and his Navy Lieutenant), and tells them their first task is to “secure” a particular building. He orders them to go home and prepare a list of steps for the plan and bring them back to him the next morning.The Navy Lieutenant calls his Master Chief and says:Tell those swabs to:
    -- Unplug the coffeepots
    -- Turn off the computers
    -- Turn out the lights
    -- Lock the doors and leave the building unoccupiedThe Army Captain has his list in his notepad:
    -- Assemble the company
    -- Appoint guard mount and Sergeant of the Guard
    -- Take control of all exits
    -- Make sure no one gets into the building without a passThe Marine Corps Captain writes down her steps on palm of her hand:
    -- Assemble the platoon and more...

    NASA Experiments

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    Editor's Note: It's dry parody. You gotta really like sci-fi to enjoy this one...

    Experiment 8 Postflight Summary
    NASA publication 14-307-1792


    The purpose of this experiment was to prepare for the expected participation in long-term space based research by husband-wife teams once the US space station is in place. To this end, the investigators explored a number of possible approaches to continued marital relations in the zero-G orbital environment provided by the XXXXXX shuttle mission.

    Our primary conclusion is that satisfactory marital relations are within the realm of possibility in zero-G, but that many couples would have difficulty getting used to the approaches we found to be most satisfactory.



    The more...

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