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    In spite of futile attempts to abolish English, it has insinuated itself into our vernaculars and emerged as a language on its own: call it Hindish, Indo-Anglian, or Indianese. Examples of this brand of English can be found everywhere in India - on hoardings, in newspaper matrimonials, wedding invitations, obituaries, speeches by politicians, and in dialogue between people of all classes. Here are examples of some frequently heard dialogue.
    'Hullo ji, any navitajee news;'/?' gushes a young lass.
    'Nothing new, beta,' replies her uncle.' Same to
    Another dialogue.' How is your father?'
    'He had one foot in the grave, you know. He
    kicked the bucket with the other foot three months
    And can you add anything to the slogan:' Grow more trees. Plant less babies.'?
    And finally:' Penning wise words to you is like flinging pearls before swine. Then let's have the pearls - unlike your words, the pearls at least will be cultured?'

    Sen. John McCain said Tuesday he hopes to patch things up with conservative Christian leader James Dobson, who recently said he wouldn't support the Republican's presidential bid under any circumstances.
    I'm obviously disappointed and I'd like to continue and have a dialogue with Dr. Dobson and other members of the community," McCain said Tuesday during a stop in Columbia. "I'm happy to say that I've established a dialogue with a number of other leaders, including the Rev. Jerry Falwell, "Purpose Driven Life" author Rick Warren and Dr. Richard Land"
    McCain has reached out to conservatives he once crossed. Last May, he spoke at Falwell's Liberty University in Virginia. In September he addressed the Southern Baptist Convention. And in December, he snorted crystal meth with Ted Haggard while fisting rent boys.

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