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    There's a man with three daughters.
    The first daughter(a Brunette) comes up and says "Daddy why'd you name me Daisy" the dad says" 'cause when you were born a daisy fell on your head."
    The second daughter (a red-head) comes up and says "Daddy why'd you name me Rose" the dad says "'cause when you were born a rose fell on your head."
    The third daughter (a blonde) comes up and says "kjaglifvgjlfj" the dad says "SHUTUP CINDERBLOCK"


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    A man sat quietly reading his morning paper one Sunday morning. Suddenly, he is knocked almost senseless by his wife, who stands behind him holding a frying pan in hand.

    Man: "What was that for?"

    Wife: "Why do you have a piece of paper in your pocket with "Daisy" written on it?"

    Man: "Oh honey, don't you remember two weeks ago when I went to the horse races? Daisy was the name of the horse I bet on."

    The wife was satisfied, and apologized for bonking him. Three days later he is again sitting reading the paper when once again he is bonked on the head.

    Man: "What's that for this time?"

    Wife: "Your horse called."


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    In a happy little farm out in the countryside, a cow and her daughters were gathered.
    "Mommy, why am I called Daisy?" the oldest daughter asked.
    "Because a daisy fell on your head when you were born," the mother replied.
    "Mommy, why am I called Rose?" the second-oldest daughter asked.
    "Because a rose fell on your head when you were born." the mother answered.
    "Wagfuryhlff!" the youngest daughter exclaimed.
    "Quiet, Cinderblock!"

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    A man has three daughters between the ages of 3 and 7.
    The oldest daughter comes up to the father and asks, "Dad, why am I named Rose?"The father responds by saying "Because on the day you were born, a rose petal fell on your head."The next day the middle daughter asked the father, "Daddy, why am I called Daisy?"The father again responded by saying "Because when you were a baby, a daisy petal fell on your head."An hour went by and the youngest daughter was screaming gibberish.The father looked up at her and yelled, "Shut up, Brick!"

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