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    NATIONAL FLOWER: Bunga Raya (Hibiscus). NATIONAL CAR: Proton. 2nd NATIONAL CAR: Perodua Kancil. 3rd NATIONAL CAR: Perodua Tikus it's suppose to be half the size of the Kancil, but somehow Malaysian drivers will still be able to squeeze in 6 or 7 passengers. NATIONAL BEHAVIOR AT CAR SHOWROOMS: First walk towards the car you are interested in. Then walk around the car in circles, tapping and knocking every part of the chassis with your knuckles. Then say something like "Body not very solid..." After that approach the front left tire, give it a few hard kicks to "test" the tire. Next walk to the rear right side and press the body of the car down a few times, while exclaiming "wah, asorbar not bad". Now you are ready for a "test drive" Get into the car and give the steering wheel a few turns. Flash the lights, sound the horn, recline the seats, open up every compartment etc. Do all these tests while you're pretending to read the more...

    Once A Cooker And A Kadahai Were Talking To Each Other.
    The Cooker Said To The Kadahi That You Look So Black.
    The Kadahi Replied "That Is Why You Whistle When You See Me".

    ek din husband ne apne wife ko uske birthday pe pressure cooker gift kiya...... aur bola........ darling, sham ko mere dsto ke liye gajar ka halwa banana...... sham ko jab husband apne dosto ke saath aya to pressure cooker bahar garbage box me tha....... husband ne pucha.. tumne cooker garbage box me kyon dal di..... to wife boli.... ji wo na mere ko baar baar siti maar raha tha........

    Five Scandinavian men were going to prove who was man enough to endure a really hot sauna. One of the men was an electrical engineer and wired the benches such that if your butt left the surface, an alarm would sound, ending the contest for the unlucky participant.
    The ambient temperature of the sauna was set to rise from 80 degrees Celsius in half-degree increments every minute. In 40 minutes, it would be at 100 degrees, the boiling point of fresh water. A device was created so that water was poured onto the hot rocks at a rate of about 30 milliliters (one ounce) every minute. It was going to be a pressure cooker.
    To keep things fair, the men were completely undressed. They drew straws to see who would sit where on the top bench. Closer to the rocks was a slight disadvantage - the one sitting there would get the steam a full 1/2 second before the last person.
    It started off well. The men were joking, but soon it got seriously warm. It wasn't long before the highest part more...

    Once upon a time, in a kingdom not far from here, a King summoned two of
    his advisors for a test. He showed them both a shiny metal box with two
    slots in the top, a control knob and a lever.
    "What do you think it is," he asked.
    One advisor, an Engineer, answered first. "It is a toaster," he said.
    The King then asked, "How would you design an embedded computer for it?"
    The Engineer replied, "Using a four-bit microcontroller. I would write a
    simple program that reads the darkness knob and quantizes its position to
    one of sixteen shades of darkness: from snow white to coal black. The
    program would use that darkness level as the index to a sixteen-element
    table of initial timer values. Then it would turn on the heating elements
    and start the timer with the initial value selected from the table. At the
    end of the timer delay it would turn off the heat and pop up the toast.
    Come back next week, and I'll more...

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