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    Chris beats Rihanna

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    Did you know that Chris Brown performed the song "NO AIR" with Jordan Sparks. Well no air was the song Rihanna was singing when Chris Brown had his hands around her throat. "NO AIR!!!!!"

    The secular liberals in our country who want to take religion out of the public sphere and turn our children gay would have you believe that separation of Church and State was a concept invented by our founding fathers!
    Not so! Our founding fathers had firm fundamentalist beliefs and wanted all Americans to also. Here are some historical facts the ACLU doesn't want you to know:

    Did you know that faith in Christ is the only thing that finally got Thomas Jefferson off meth?
    Did you know John Adams explored the American wilderness as a missionary, whipping bibles at brown people from the safety of his canoe?
    Did you know that at parties, Ben Franklin liked to go on and on about Jesus until people felt awkward?
    Did you know Abraham Lincoln used to tour the country lifting weights and breaking boards in half with his bare hands in order to witness to young people about Christ and the evils of interracial dating?
    Did you know that George Washington once chopped more...

    The entertainer may be required to work at a local Red Lobster, where he’ll batter fish instead of women.

    Rumor is she went back to him, because if she didn't, he threatened to beat her.

    Singer Chris Brown was sentenced today to 5 years probation and 1400 hours "Labored Community Service" The singer was excited about the community service until his lawyer explained that "No driving around and beating up Prostitutes does not fall into what the judge was thinking as a community service"

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