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    Christmas Groaners 2

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    The remaining local ranchers headed by the cattle baroness Clare D Looney
    eventually monopolized the stock business to the point where the only
    competition( two Chinese immigrants - Lu Chim and Wu Ni) were forced to take
    drastic, but traditional action.
    The stock kings were hung by Chim & Ni, with Clare.

    Those modified sisters maintained strange yearnings from their previous selves
    and devised a plan to satisfy their impulses. On Christmas eve they planned to
    get Santa stuck in the chimney with his tender parts exposed in the fireplace.
    In hope that St Nick soon would be theirs.
    Both by Gary Reeves
    Make out your Chopin Liszt early before Debussy season, when you have time to
    check out Verdi good bargains and can still get gifts Faure good price, not
    have to Handel large crowds and have time to give Bach things you decide you
    don't want.
    By Marsha in more...

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