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    Last week, Cher attended a hearing in Washington on whether to modify helmets for soldiers in Iraq. The entertainer has donated more than $130,000 to the group Operation Helmet, which modifies the inside of soldiers' helmets to make them better able to absorb shock from a bomb blast.
    While this seems like an odd move from the anti-war Cher, she does have protective headwear design experience, having brilliantly crafted some killer ski helmets for her former husband.

    Not A Sperm Donor,Idiot!

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    Chastity Bono is now officially on the list for a large organ donor.

    Chastity Belts And Ties

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    Feeling like a brand new man,Chaz Bono wants to start a charity organization to fund transgender surgeries.His efforts will be pro Bono, of course.

    Knock Knock
    Who's there?
    Cher who?
    Cher and share alike!

    Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre added another record to his resume this week. The future Hall of Famer was said to be contemplating retirement for the 745th time, eclipsing the old mark held by pop diva Cher.

    Officials from both sides downplayed rumors of a pending trade between the Packers and Caesar's Palace insisting that while Cher could throw into triple coverage, lingering injuries would prevent Favre from performing 43 costume changes a night.

    Packer GM Ted Thompson was continuing to analyze the economics of the deal since the Packers would still have an aging star at QB but part of the salary could be offset by money saved on halftime entertainment.

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