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    This is an actual chatroom conversation from a "local Chatroom"
    Joe: I wonder what would happen if you had a sleep number bed, and set it to 69?
    Christy:? huh?
    Mike: I dont know, but it sure sounds tasty!
    Joe: You probably wouldn't understand Christy, you're too pure and innocent.
    Christy: Maybe... sounds more like a police code or something
    Mike: lol, ya, that's it. "This is the dispatcher, what is your status"
    Joe: lol "We have a 69 in progress at the overpass, Officer needs assistance"
    Mike: "Move in! Move in! Officer has gone down, repeat, Officer has gone down!
    Joe: "Someone better call the fire department, looks like we'll need the Jaws of Life for this one!"
    Christy: um.. why do i get the feeling i've started something horrible? o.O

    A slutty girl is flirting with 2 guys in a chatroom.

    The first guy asks, "What state are you from?"

    At the same time the second guy asks, "What do you do for a living?"

    To satisfy them both, She replies, "Idaho."

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