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    Recently my girlfriend's son lost his phone charger. So, she got inthe car and went out in search of a new charger to fit his phone. Most chargers were around $19 to $26 and we were unable to find one that definately fit his phone model. Then she hopped on the internet to find the one we needed and find the cheapest. Three or four minutes later she found the charger we needed for $4.99 plus $2.99 for shipping and handling. Obviously she's very excited she found it and it is very cheap, so she orders it. Today, the charger is delivered to the house. It came from Hong Kong. Why am I telling you about this. Think about this. It cost $7.98 for a charger that travelled about 9000 miles which is less than half of what it would cost to run to Wal-Mart and get it. I get the sense that in Hong Kong and China they make everything for about a penny. Cell phone, one penny, radio, one penny, toaster oven, one penny, microwave, one penny, new car, one penny, having a charger delivered with all of more...

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