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    He Who Eats Cereal

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    Who eats cereal and plays golf?
    Tony the Tiger Woods.

    Q: What kind of cereal does Mike Tyson eat?
    A: Eareeios

    Knock Knock Who's there

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    Knock Knock Who's there! Cereal! Cereal who? Cereal pleasure to meet you!

    by Robert Chen
    You should not attempt any these things. The following is meant for entertainment purposes only.
    31. Switch the label on skim milk with the one on whole milk.
    32. Yell to someone walking by, "I'll take two hot dogs, and my son will have some peanuts."
    33. After getting all your food, sit down. Start arranging your food alphabetically, from left to right. Ask the person next to you whether you should put orange juice under "o" or "j."
    34. Bring in a television and VCR. Set it up to play "Faces of Death." Eat avidly as you describe each screen to everyone. Embellish. Don't be afraid to speak while your mouth is full.
    35. Get a large container and fill it with milk. Pour its contents into the cereal dispenser. Dispense cereal. Complain about how you always get too much milk.
    36. Go up to someone you don't know and say, "Can I toast your buns?"
    37. Talk to your food. Tell it to quit more...

    Last night, while grocery shopping, I found a rather unusual item on
    the shelves. After filling my basket with Stouffer's Yuppie Chow, I
    strolled down the cereal aisle, where I saw several boxes of a substance
    labeled "Nintendo Cereal System." I suppose I shouldn't be surprised.
    After all, cartoon characters have been "endorsing" cereals for years,
    so why shouldn't Super Mario Brothers get into the act?
    I see tremendous potential here. What better way for an organization
    with a sociopolitical agenda to infiltrate the minds and stomachs of
    Americans than to deliver its message at the breakfast table? I have
    seen the future of public relations, and it is the gastronomic equivalent
    of a "sound bite." I, for one, would rather sit down to a bowl of
    whale-shaped granola than receive another one of those envelopes from
    Greenpeace marked, "Animal Rights Survey Inside-Please Complete and
    Return Within Ten more...

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