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In the olden days of the Legion Etrangere (French Foreign Legion), Lieutenant Lefevre was extremely happy to be posted near Bir Ounane, right in the middle it seems, of the desert.
Boy howdy, did he enjoy the challenge of the elements, the demands for personal survival skills, the camaraderie of the other officers, etc! In fact, for four months, he enjoyed EVERYTHING!
Around the beginning of his fifth month there, a steady ache in his groin reminded him that the hadn't had any female companionship and that it was time to put his johnson back to work. He confided one day in Sergeant LeBrun: "Sergeant, I've got a personal problem. I need a woman. What do the men do when they have this urge?"
"Sir," responded Sergeant LeBrun, "there's no problem. They usually take the camel..."
"Non, non, non. Jamais! Never! Never!" screamed the lieutenant. "I will not descend to such low conduct."
Well, about two months later, he more...


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One day Osama bin laden and one of his followers were on a camel riding through a town.
When they got out of the town Osama Bin Laden got off the camel and lifted up the camels tail and looked at its arse.
The follower said "what are you doing?"
Osama replied "A man in the town shouted look at those two arseholes on that camel"!!!

Camel and Elephant

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There was this really annoying elephant named Izzy who loved to brag.
One day she went up to a camel, Mell, and said, "I am the most beautiful animal you'll ever see!!"
Mell looked at her like she was crazy and said no you're not!
Izzy said, "Well, I look better than you because I don't have two boobs on my back!"
Mell replied, "True, very true. But at least I don't have a dick on my face."

Camel Betting

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Two guys are on duty at a french foreign legion fort. One says to the other one, “See that camel over there? I’ll bet you I can make him jump 30 feet in the air.
The other guy says “No way”.
The first guy walks around to the back of the camel with two bricks, reaches in between the camel’s legs and crashes the bricks together. The camel jumps 30 feet in the air.
A couple of days later the first guy says to the second guy, “I bet you I can make that camel nod his head yes, then shake his head no. ”
The second guy says, “You got me last time, but there’s no way you can make that dumb animal nod his head yes then shake it no. ”
The first guy takes the same two bricks, walks around to the front of the camel, holds up the bricks and says, “Remember what I did last time? ”. (Camel nods). “Want me to do it again? ”

Camel and Giraffe

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What did the camel say to the giraffe?
Want a hump!

A baby Camel goes up to its mother and says "Why do we have long eyelashes," and the mother reply"To stop sand getting in our eyes."
A few moments later the baby camel comes up to his mother and askes" why do we have long toes" and the mother replys" To stop us from sinking in the sand."
A few moments later the baby camel walke up to his anyoed mother and say"Why do we have these humps on our back" and the mother replys to store water in them."
"So we have eyelashed to stop sand from getting in our eyes, long toes to stop us sinking in the sand and humps to store water in, but mum, why are we in London zoo?

A camel and a elephant met annd the elephant said
Why have u got your boobs over your back"
and the camel replied
what a silly Question when u have a dick hanging from your head"