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    Bay Area Native Quiz

    Want to know if someone is a native of the San Francisco
    Bay Area? Want to find out if you qualify yourself? Take
    the following quiz and find out!

    1) Complete the following phrase:

    Dublin, Berkeley, San Lorenzo, Cupertino, __________

    2) Name the five bridges that cross San Francisco Bay.
    Extra credit: put them in order from north to south.
    Extra extra credit: explain how to get across the
    Golden Gate Bridge during rush
    hour in less than an hour.

    3) Complete the following phrase:
    2400 Mission, top of the hill, __________

    4) You're at a San Francisco Spiders hockey game at the Cow
    Palace. (True: a team called' the Spiders' play at a
    place called' the Cow Palace.' Go figure.) A woman comes
    out to sing the Star Spangled Banner wearing a huge hat
    with a model of the entire financial district, including
    the TransAmerica building, on top of it. more...

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