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    If you were a bugger

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    If you were a bugger I'd pick you first

    Have you spent years trying and failing to understand what they're saying?
    Just by following these easy steps, you too can hold a conversation with a New Zealander.
    What you hear and what it means:
    A MEDGEN: visualize, conjure up mentally, John Lennon 's first solo album Imagine, as if it was a Bug Hut in the Land of the Long White Cloud.
    BETTING: 'Betting Gloves' are worn by 'betsmen' in 'crucket'.
    BRIST: Part of the human anatomy between the 'nick' and the 'billy'.
    BUGGER: As in 'mine is bugger then yours'.
    CHULLY BUN: 'Chilly bin' also known as an ESKY'
    COME YOUSE: Controversial captain of the Australian cricket team who resigned tearfully in favor of Allan Border. Full name: Kimberley John Hughes.
    DIMMER KRETZ: Those who believe in democracy.
    ERROR BUCK: Language spoken in countries like 'Surria', 'E-Jupp' and 'Libernon. '
    EKKA DYMOCKS: University staff.
    GUESS: Flammable vapor used in stoves.
    CHICK OUT CHUCKS: Supermarket point more...

    He grew bogus
    Bush ego grew
    Where bugs go
    Whose bugger?
    "W": he bugs Gore
    e.g. bug whores?
    Ugh! Sewer bog!
    Bugger, who's 'e?
    Ogre hugs web
    Other related anagrams
    President George "Dubya" Bush:
    Ego upset by greed and hubris
    USA President George Bush:
    Ass...one stupid bugger here!
    Huge, depressing saboteur
    The Republican Party:
    Try neat, happier club
    Buy that pearl, Prince!
    Entire rat club happy!
    Aren't public therapy
    Republicans / Democrats:
    Superb morals? Accident!
    Cured satanic problems
    Products enable racism

    One day there are two priests playing golf, the first one of them is putting fo the hole but misses by an inch. He Says "
    Damn missed the bugger!"
    The other says "
    don't speak that language, your a priest!"
    So they go on to the next hole and he misses again, he says "
    Missed the bugger"
    The other says "
    don't speak that language, your a priest!"
    This keeps on happening for a few more holes, until the second priest is so frustrated and angry he throws his club down on the ground and yells "
    If you say that one more time I swear God will strike you down!"
    So on the next hole the first one just misses and he says "
    Damn, missed the bugger!"
    Then they hear this great rumbling in the sky and the second one is hit by lightning.
    Then God says "
    Missed the bugger!!!"

    ONCE upon a time there were two brothers who were very enterprising. They manufactured a medicine with a novel formulation which proved very effective in doing away with the big menace. The two brothers amassed a large fortune. Then appeared a rift between them over the distribution of wealth. They decided to set up separate establishments. One named it "Lucky Bugger." The other, seeing it, got thinking. The next morning his establishment sported a sign "Original Bugger."

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