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    A number of years ago, a wealthy Texas rancher had a daughter who was about marrying age. But the rancher was afraid that someone would try to marry his daughter just for his money. So he decided to throw a party and invite all of the eligible men. At the party everyone was enjoying Texas longhorn steaks, Lone Star beer, etc.
    After a while, the rancher gathered everyone over to his olympic-sized swimming pool. He and his daughter were on one side, all of the eligible men were on the other.
    He announced to the men, "I have filled my pool with alligators, crocodiles, piranha, snakes, and all sorts of man-eating vermin. The first young man to jump in and make it across my pool alive receives 1 of 3 things. He may have 10,000 acres of my finest land, 5,000 head of my finest cattle, or my daughters hand in marriage."
    Immediately a young man was in the pool, arms flailing, feet kicking, and waves splashing all around. He jumped out of the pool, his shirt, jeans, and more...

    Once upon a time, a cowboy that was supposed to be the bravest cowboy in the west walked into a saloon. Some men near him, start talking, and finally walk up to him and ask him to prove that he really is the bravest cowboy in the west.

    The cowboy agreed and asked what he had to do. Then the men told him that there was a haunted coffin upstairs, and if he could overcome the coffin, he would surely be the bravest cowboy in the west.

    As the cowboy reached the top of the stairs, he saw the coffin coming near him. This was way too much for him to handle. He ran out of the saloon and jumped on his horse. After he had gotten a good distance from the saloon, he looked back and to his astonishment, the coffin was floating in the air coming straight towards him.

    Soon the cowboy and his horse were surrounded by a tall canyon. The cowboy jumped off of his horse and ran towards one of the canyon walls, with the coffin floating even faster towards him. He tried to more...

    Would you boys like to play house with us?" asked the bravest of several little girls.
    "Sure," replied one lad. "Which one of you is going to be the madam?"

    one day, there were 3 brave men that wanted to see who was the bravest of them. they all stayed one night in a haunted house, to see who was the bravest. the 1st one went to the 3rd floor and heard "we are the pirates of the carribean sea!" he got scared and jumped out the window to safety.[not so brave, huh? ] the 2nd one went to the 2nd floor and heard the same thing. "We are the pirates of the carribean sea." he got scared too, so he jumped out to safety. the bravest one, heard it on the 1st floor more louder. "WE are the pirates of the carribean sea!" he went closer and closer to a bathroom. he went in and found the toilet seat open. when he looked in, there were 3 ants floating on a piece of poo going "WE are the pirates of the carribean sea!

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