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    Late night Comedians and Talk Show hosts are having a Field Day this political season.! These are some of the better ones. Hope you enjoy.

    "In his speech last night, John Kerry said this was the beginning of the end of the Bush administration. I agree. It may take another five years, but this is it."

    "John Kerry will be the Democratic nominee for president. Democrats finally found someone who is Al Gore without the flash and the sizzle."
    "Kerry has already begun his search for a running mate. They say that because John Edwards still has $50 million in campaign money, Kerry might pick him. Pick him? Hey, for $50 million, Kerry will marry him"Senator John Kerry changed his mind and now supports the ban on gay marriages. I'm telling you this guy has more positions than Paris Hilton."
    "According to a new study, Botox injections can help back pain. So you see, that's why John Kerry had all that more...

    The medical journal "Dermatologic Surgery" reports that injecting Botox into frown lines appears to ease depression. A competing journal, "Poppy Seed Weekly," reports that nothing injects happy like heroin.

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