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    The fight that caused Pam Anderson and Kid Rock to divorce was allegedly over Anderson's appearance in the film "Borat." Rock was upset - he wanted to be the only fictional character in her life.

    Drunk South Carolina college student is suing the makers of "Borat" for making him appear to be a drunk South Carolina college student.
    He explained that he didn't really mean to write that his main interest on MySpace was "gettin' drunk and havin' a good time" cause he was too drunk and having too good a time to realize what he wrote.
    Moral of the story: If you ever plan to be a plaintiff, having a MySpace account, probably not a good idea.

    Two Frat Boys have sued Borat for their drunken appearance in his hit movie, in which they made racist and sexist comments on camera. The young men "engaged in behavior that they would have otherwise not engaged in," the lawsuit says.
    Attempts were made to contact the frat boys, but a spokesman said they were currently busy attempting to initiate a new member by having him pour tabasco sauce over his pubes.

    I realize Kazakhstan is still just reawakening to its Islamic heritage after a long Communist slumber, but someone is really, really missing the Islamic point here during Fashion Week in Kazakhstan. See if you can figure out the discrepancy:

    For Russified Muslim chicks who can't decide whether they want to be pious or prostitutes, there's Kazakhstan.

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