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    A Marine stationed in Afghanistan recently received a "Dear John" letter from his girlfriend back home. It read as follows:
    Dear Ricky, I can no longer continue our relationship. The distance between us is just too great. I must admit that I have cheated on you twice, since you've been gone, and it's not fair to either of us. I'm sorry.
    Please return the picture of me that I sent to you. Love, Becky
    The Marine, with hurt feelings, asked his fellow Marines for any snapshots they could spare of their girlfriends, sisters, ex-girlfriends,
    aunts, cousins etc. In addition to the picture of Becky, Ricky included all the other pictures of the pretty gals he had collected from his buddies.
    There were 57 photos in that envelope....along with this note:
    Dear Becky,
    I'm so sorry, but I can't quite remember who you are. Please take your picture from the pile, and send the rest back to me.
    Take Care, Ricky

    The braggers
    Becky, Sadie and Hannah are bragging about their sons.
    Becky says, "My son is very successful. He is the best lawyer in London."
    Sadie says, "My son has done better than that. He is the best doctor in London."
    Hannah says, "My son has not done that well. He does not have a very good job and he is gay. But he has these two great boyfriends - one is the best lawyer in London and the other is the best doctor in London."

    Becky was on her deathbed, with her husband Jake at her side. He held her cold hand and tears silently streamed down his face. Her pale lips moved.
    "Jake," she said.
    "Hush," he quickly interrupted, "don't talk." But she insisted.
    "Jake," she said in her tired voice. "I have to talk. I must confess."
    "There is nothing to confess," said the weeping Jake. "It's all right. Everything's all right."
    "No, no. I must die in peace. I must confess, Jake, that I have been unfaithful to you."
    Jake stroked her hand. "Now, Becky, don't be concerned. I know all about it", he sobbed. "Why else would I poison you?"

    77 year old Morris went for his annual physical. All of his tests came back with great results. Dr. Cohen said, "Morris everything looks great physically. How are you doing mentally, emotionally and are you at peace with yourself, and have a good relationship with God?"
    Morris replied, "God and me are tight. We are so close that when I get up in the middle of the night, *poof*... the light goes on when I go to the bathroom and then *poof* the light goes off!"
    "Wow," commented Dr. Cohen, "That's incredible!"
    A little later in the day Dr. Cohen called Morris's wife. "Becky," he said, "Morris is just fine. Physically he's great. But I had to call because I'm in awe of his relationship with God. Is it true that he gets up during the night and *poof* the light goes on in the bathroom and then *poof* the light goes off?"
    Becky replied, "The darn fool!... He's peeing in the fridge again!"

    A pastor was talking about being good and going to Heaven with a group of young children.
    At the end of his talk, he asked, "Children, where do you want to go?"
    "I want to go to Heaven," exclaimed Becky.
    "And what do you have to be to get there, Becky?" asked the pastor.
    "Fucking dead!" shouted Little Johnny.

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