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    This black guy was walking by a lake. Sitting next to the lake was an old Chinese guy skipping stones off the water. As he did, they made a sound. They sounded like this Change----Chang-Long. The black guy was amazed. He asked the Chinaman how he did that. The Chinaman said, "this is an enchanted lake". When you skip a small stone across the water, it tells you about your immediate ancestry. When you skip a larger stone, it tells you about your ancient ancestry. The Chinaman then picked up a larger stone and skipped cross the water. Long---Dong-Chow was the sound. The black guy picked up a stone and skipped across the water. Chim---Pan-Ze was the sound. "BULL SHIT" he said and threw anotherChim---Pan-Ze again. Really pissed now, he picked up the largest rock he could and threw it into the water Ba---Boon!

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