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    A 12 Year Old Scotch

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    A man walks into a bar and orders a 12-year-old scotch. The bartender, believing that the customer will not be able to tell the difference, pours him a shot of the cheap 3-year-old house scotch that has been poured into an empty bottle of the good stuff.
    The man takes a sip and spits the scotch out on the bar and reams the bartender. "This is the cheapest 3-year-old scotch you can buy. I'm not paying for it. Now, give me a good 12-year-old scotch."
    The bartender, now feeling a bit of a challenge, pours him a scotch of much better quality, 6-year-old scotch. The man takes a sip and spits it out on the bar. "This is only 6-year-old scotch. I won't pay for this, and I insist on, a good, 12-year-old scotch."
    The bartender finally relents and serves the man his best quality, 12-year-old scotch.
    An old drunk from the end of the bar, who has witnessed the entire episode, walks down to the finicky scotch drinker and sets a glass down in front of him and more...

    There was a mother and her 6-year-old son sitting at a table in a restaurant. Behind the 6-year-old-son, there was a woman breast feeding her newborn child. The 6-year-old stands up in his seat, reaches over and grabs the breast of the woman that is breast feeding and says, "got milk?"
    ^ True story

    I was teaching my 6-year-old daughter how to unbuckle her seat belt.
    She asked, "Do I click the square?"
    I said, "Yes."
    She asked me, "Single click or double click?"

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